Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 2 at GHC13

The second day at the conference was amazing! I met so many awesome women and even attended the lunch for labs. I was sitting at a table with some women from the MIT and DE Labs. We were all having great conversations, even one about getting together the different labs next year to try and put on some panels. I said I was thinking about standing up and making an announcement, so the lady sitting next to me encouraged me and said she would tap her glass with her spoon.

I agreed to this, even though I was very nervous. As I stood up and she started to tap her glass, everyone got quite, and it reminded me of a wedding speech (not that I have ever made one). It was only fitting that I start off saying, "I'm getting married...(dramatic pause)... just kidding". The entire room burst into laughter, and I instantly felt more at ease. 

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