Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First Night in Minneapolis

My alma mater (UCF) sent 12 women to GHC this year, and there are about 4 alumni attending as well. We decided to have a dinner to catch up and allow the Alumni to meet the current students. As soon as the cab let us out, I ran up and hugged some old friends that I haven't seen in what seems like forever (although it's more like only a couple months)...

During dinner I found out that there were 4 past and current presidents of WEECS (Women in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), even the awesome woman who started it over 6 years ago!!! Having generations of presidents and seeing how the current president was able to lead the group
to GHC was something unexpected, but awesome! We realized that each president, introduced GHC to the next president, almost like a tradition. I hope this will continue to happen and maybe be some sort of inspiration to other universities looking to start a group to support the amazing women in technology.    

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