Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My trek to Minneapolis

Traveling through the airport is always an adventure. Here I am standing in the security line, my vibram toe shoes already in my bag, my bright blue toe socks making a statement, as I start to take my laptop out to place it in a bin. All of a sudden I hear "Are you going to the Grace Hopper Conference?" I of course replied yes, not realizing it's because I was wearing my GHC shirt from Atlanta that she knew.

I officially met a new GHC peep, Christi Corbett, and I haven't even left Baltimore! She works with the American Association of University Women  (AAUW) and this is her first time attending the conference. She is an author of a paper, "Why So Few? Women in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics". Christi is an amazing women, trying to figure out why there is a lack of women in the STEM field and how to fix that!

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