Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Think Agile: Drive Your Life Forward

During this workshop the people at the table were introducing each other and then my table was split into two groups, since we got two decks of the Set game.

The group of 4 workers in my group did a good job, at first there was one leader that was trying to help make the most sets. As the game continued the others started to chime in more, and we started to form a group.

During one of the iterations, each group was supposed to plan, but most of them ended up playing instead... even our group was guilty of this. The second itteration went way better than the first, because of planning and more communcation. We also finished before the 2 minute mark!

There was one guy at our table, and in our group. It is definitely different than the classroom setting, where there was always lots of guys and then one girl lady in the group.

As the iterations went on, the planning just kept getting better for our group. We even planned out the piles and which order they would be in by the 3rd one. It was this iteration that I didn't even realize the team member that was sitting next to me was not participating, there was a lot of craziness going on... :(

Overall, this workshop was lots of fun, a very unique way of learning the Agile process! :)

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