Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Using Volunteer Opportunities to Drive Forward Your Career

The room was packed, and Lisa (the moderator) was very funny. She had the whole room laughing on throughout the session.

The story about the teacher from England bringing her female students to technical companies in the USA was very inspiring.

Apparently cubes of engineers have fantastic things for scavenger hunts. One girl said the funniest thing during the scavenger hunt at Salesforce: "I've never seen a cube before". When Josie said this, the entire room of women burst out laughing. :)

During the last half hour there were lots of good questions from the audience. I even chimed in on one of them. I don't remember exactly what the question was, but I told them another way to get more women involved in a group at work. If you see a woman at work, go up to her and ask her to join. Even if you have to go track all the women down in your company, DO IT! Be the "creeper"... be the "bossy one" all the things that Sheryl Sandburg says women are called when they take action and lead the way!

I frequently find the shy, quite women that would rather stay below the radar and introduce myself. Get them out and about, slowly make them "aggressive" like yourself, and then they can do the same to a shy women they know... think of it recursively. :-p

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